What is Your Position?

Curiosity and attentiveness are the cornerstones of our enterprise. With an open mind we want to advice based on how people think, reason and feel.

Turn to us if you want to know more. 

We use qualitative research methods, with the purpose of delving deep.

We provide insights for decision making. Those you want to reach may not always feel the way you think.

Prepare to be surprised.



Our experience ranges across a wide variety of sectors, including Human Insights, Deep Qual, AI, innovation, public service, media, telecom/IT, service sector, automotive, FMCG, energy, B2B and retail.

The company was founded by Max Schori who has been working as a moderator and consultant in qualitative market research since the late 1990s.

Max is a very professional moderator and uses the consumer insights gathered from the focus groups he runs to really hone in on delivering results. His personality is empathetic, analytical, and he has a
profound understanding of both consumers and business value.

Gina Azaric, Head of Marketing, Telia

Position conducted a study, with focus on the partner/client perspective, that provided us

with insights, inspiration and input for change.

Hamdija Jusufagic, CEO, System Verification

Max is a creative and very professional market research consultant with an excellent sense for branding, market communication and consumer understanding. He has the ability to see beyond facts and data, focusing on real insights and actionable results. He is also a warm and generous person that adds emotional value to the team.
I can strongly recommend him.

Alexander Sovré, Chief Commercial Officer, KANTAR Sifo

Max has an uncanny ability to quickly create a safe and creative environment in groups,
while maintaining a clear focus on the task at hand.

Mats André, Economic Development Manager, City of Lund

A selection of clients we are conducting or have conducted projects for:

BRIO / City of Lund / City of Malmö / Epinion / eWork / Gastro Gaspari / Gaspari Lodge Flyinge / GfK / ICA / IKEA / KANTAR Sifo / Länsförsäkringar Skåne / Pågen / Sony Mobile / Scandlines / Skånetrafiken / System Verification / Wilke



We want to act in accordance with sound business principles, sustainable development and taking into account individuals' equal value.

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Lund, Sweden and Beyond

We advice and conduct research in Sweden, The Nordics and Beyond. We cooperate with local institutes through our network.